BIM Level/Stage 2 Requirements- BEP

The BIM process and compliance are defined by a set of standards which determine requirements for determine stages. Within that context of application of BIM standards, this training focuses on ensuring learners understand one of these important requirements of BIM level/stage 2: BEP (BIM Execution Plan) 

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Part of an essential topic to understand application of standards BIM. Leaners will be able to:

Explain BIM maturity Level/Stage 2 requirements BIM Execution Plan  (BEP)

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BEP is fundamental when tendering a BIM project. What is this? We will explain it.

Anyone in the AEC industry already working or wanting to implement BIM is probably operating or trying to be BIM Level (stage) 2 compliant’. This has become the ‘accepted’ criteria to be deemed BIM-compliant. It’s based and defined by on a set of concepts and standards, that determine the requirements to be achieved or supplied in the BIM process at this stage; one of them is the BEP. Hear about this, but unsure of what it is?  Then, this FREE self-guided -study short micro training unit is just the ideal for you!

This is a fundamental knowledge for anyone who wants to be awarded a project in BIM level/stage2. All appointed teams should be aware of what these must entail, in order to know what and how to deliver their projects.This micro training will present a quick look at a BIM level/Stage2 delivery requirement – the BEP. Providing an overview and summarised explanation, focused on the perspective of operating in BIM lev2 (stage 2), and continuing to provide an initial understanding of the application and standards of BIM ( in accordance to ISO 19650). In the end of this this short training, learners will understand and be able explain the BEP. 

For the ones that already know, about EIRs it’s a change to test, prove and record your knowledge. BIMcert is also about recognising pre acquired knowledge. This is part of the overall basic knowledge of BIM Principles. 


  1. This training is advisable to be undertaken after completing the BIM Maturity Levels training, BIM standard overview and BIM key terms.
  2.  BIMcert advises beginner learners to follow up with further training that encompasses the BIM Principles training plan.
  3.  This training in part of a pathway toward more complex and complete training journey and possible qualification. Check details in additional information documentation