Energy system thinking key principles

An understanding of an overall approach and essential key principles of low energy building construction, such as system thinking, is required to use of BIM as an enabling tool to help AEC industry achieve a better energy efficient building stock.

45 minutes

Learners will be able to: 

Understand how system thinking can be applied to achieve better results towards low energy building construction.

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Understand  system thinking  as one key principle to apply to BIM tools to help achieve an energy efficient building stock.

This training is part of a set related to build up essential skills related for AEC workers to Low Energy Building Construction. Learners can take it as a standalone; however, it is also part of a wider pathway for completion of a training plan Introduction to Low Energy Building Construction 

It is an introduction on to these principles, especially system thinking, because BIM as a tool towards energy efficiency, needs to be integrated, applied in context, with the correct mind set to achieve required results.

This training will enable the learner to develop a fundamental understanding of key concepts of Low Energy Building Construction, than should be applied when using BIM as a digital enabling tool/method to help AEC industry and professional in several roles to reduce energy losses, in a holistic full lifecycle approach.