BIM tools for Low Energy Building Construction

Learn how BIM tools, methods and models can be used to assist and enable AEC professional on their role contribute towards reducing waste, carbon emissions and produce more energy efficient building stock.

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Learners will know and be able to:

Illustrate how BIM can be utilised to reduce energy loss

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BIM offers digital solutions to enable and help AEC industry to achieve low energy building stock

This training is part of a set related to build up essential skills related for AEC workers to Low Energy Building Construction. Learners can take it as a standalone; however, it is also part of a wider pathway for completion of a training plan Introduction to Low Energy Building Construction Course. 

It is an introduction on BIM models, methods, and tools can contribute towards a more energy efficient building stock.  

This training unit will enable the learner to develop a fundamental understanding how BIM can be used as a digital enabling tool/method to help AEC industry and professional in several roles to reduce energy losses, with a holistic full lifecycle approach.