Intro to BIM Standards –Overview

As AEC industry undertakes further BIM adoption, it requires an agreed way for all to work under the same Principals. Recognised and adopted standards are a fundamental cornerstone in the principles of operating in BIM. AEC Professionals need to be aware of these and implement them on their practices.

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Learners will be able to:

Summarise applicable Standards and industry guidance.

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Find out about what are the important international and national BIM Standards and  what they are about.

The AEC is becoming more digital, and BIM is an integral part of this transformation. It permeates the all process and as such digital skills and devices are now a fundamental and offer powerful assistance in improving several aspects of the Industry.

This training is part of a set of training related to build up these essential digital skills for AEC workers. Learners can take it as a standalone, however it’s also part of a wider pathway for completion of a training plan called BIM Principles.

The training will enable learners to understand the context and essentials of BIM in terms of the Standards and guidance. It is a general and brief overview. For more further and deeper details compliment with the BIM and Digitalisation Benefits additional training sets.


  1. This training is advisable to be undertaken in conjunction with other training that encompasses the BIM Principles training plan and the Digital Skills Training Plan
  2. This training in part of a pathway toward more complex and complete training journey and possible qualification. Check details in additional information documentation