Digital Skills & Collaboration I-CDE & File Structure

Training for AEC professionals to understand principles of using digital skills and devices to access digital information in a Common Data Environment (CDE)- the place where information is stored in BIM projects

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Learners will be able to Demonstrate digital file management, and Understand:

CDE’s role in accessing and sharing information; 

How to access a CDE and digital information; 

CDE file structure management

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What is the CDE? How does it work? How is it organised? Understand how to organise and access data on the CDE.

As AEC industry advances more toward digitalisation and to be BIM level/Stage 2 compliant, understanding how to use digital skills and devices to access digital information becomes essential and mandatory, especially regarding the correct usage of the Common Data Environment (CDE)

This training is part of a set of training related to build up essential digital skills for AEC workers. Learners can take it as a standalone, however it’s also part of a wider pathway for completion of a training plan called Digital Skills, and essential training related to BIM collaboration and Information Exchange. The training will enable learners to understand basic principles of using digital skills and devices to access digital information, in the Common Data Environment (CDE)- the essential place where information is stored in a BIM project. As more and more data will be shared and stored digitally, in a BIM project, using the CDE, this is an essential training for all AEC professionals to upskill their ICT and digital skills in order to continue to be relevant and be able to operate in this new digital construction environment.

 By the end, learners will:

  • Understand what is the CDE
  • Possible CDE solutions
  • How the CDE it is structured and organised
  • Know where to find and place the information
  • Demonstrate digital file management


  1. BIMcert advises beginners to prior to engage in this to consider completing the training: Digital Skills-basic File Management
  2. This training is advisable to be undertaken in conjunction with other training that encompasses the Digital Skills training plan
  3. This training in part of a pathway toward more complex and complete training journey and possible qualification. Check details in additional information documentation