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First step to possibly become a BIMcert Trainer, and/ or influence upskilling of the AEC industry. Are you: a Trainer or AEC Professional involved in upskilling in BIM & Digital construction, Energy Efficiency and other construction subjects?  Do you provide training in your company? Do you need to upskill workers more efficiently and/or expand reach and audience? Do you want new methods of class delivery? This is for you!

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Provide introductory first glance: at BIMcert’s e-platform and e-learning environment, programme and approach; to Standards and guidance for trainers interested of becoming a BIMcert approved trainers. Collect feedback from Trainers to increase BIMcert suitability for your businesses and training delivery

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Discover the basics of our BIMcert e platform and standards to become a BIMcert Trainer. Have your say!

Before (or after) registering as trainers, this is your first step on journey to become a BIMcert approved trainer and/ or to help shape a training programme for the all AEC industry. BIMcert is about building capacities and improving skills of construction sector professionals of various profiles across Europe, in order to lift awareness and competences for sustainable construction methods and technologies and production of energy efficient buildings. After testing and improving our program in continuously since October 2018, we are giving again the chance for Trainers and Professionals in AEC involved in training and upskilling in these industry related topics, to have your say again.

Do you teach Sustainable construction, BIM & digital construction, Project Management and delivery, Energy efficiency and construction subjects? Are you responsible for organising or providing training in your company? Do you want a way to upskill your workers more efficiently? Do you wish to incorporate BIM as an enabling tool to be more efficient and achieve energy saving built environment? Are looking to expand your teaching reach and audience, and new blended ways of delivering your classes. 

Then this is for you! BIMcert is possibly the solution you need. 

Take a preview of our system: concepts, methods, models, tools, e-learning environment, and guidelines for trainers. Take first training into possibly becoming a BIMcert trainer. Give your contribution to improve BIMcert. Take this small introduction, and help us continue to shape BIMcert to meet your need as a trainer and the AEC industry upskilling needs.