Digital Skills- Accessing information through the cloud

Learn basic digital skills related to understand what Cloud and Cloud-based storage are; cloud solutions; and using digital devices to access digital information via Cloud, improving AEC collaboration.

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Learners will understand the be able to:

Explain use of cloud-based storage and portable devices to access and exchange information.

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What is the Cloud? How does it work? Why is it now a preferred storage solution for project information? How to access it via digital devices? Learn it here!

This training is part of a set of training related to build up essential digital skills for AEC workers.

Learners can take it as a standalone, however it’s also part of a wider pathway for completion of a training plan called Digital Skills, and essential training related to BIM collaboration and Information Exchange.

It will enable learner to understand the basic principles of using digital skills and devices to access digital information, particularly focusing in the so-called Cloud, and on advantages and solutions of using the Cloud.

As more and more data will be shared and stored digitally, in a BIM project, using the CDE, this is an essential training for all AEC professionals to upskill their ICT and digital skills in order to continue to be relevant and be able to operate in this new digital construction environment. 

In the end of this training, learners will:

  • Understand what the Cloud is
  • Possible cloud storage solutions
  • How it is contributing to increase efficiencies in the way the AEC industry collaborates and exchange information
  • Know how to access that information using digital skills and devices
  • Understand how adopt this digitalisation of processes can effectively improve energy efficiency, contribute to a reduction in waste and CO2, as well as economical advantages for businesses 


  1. BIMcert advises beginners to start or to follow up with training considered within the BIM Principles training plan
  2. This training is advisable to be undertaken in conjunction with other training that encompasses the Digital Skills training plan
  3. This training in part of a pathway toward more complex and complete training journey and possible qualification. Check details in additional information documentation