Digital skills & collaboration III-review BIM models

As traditional project information becomes embedded into BM models and digitalised, it becomes a fundamental skill to know how to use digital tools to perform a design review and evaluate a BIM models. Learn how!

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Learners will know and be able to:

Demonstrate use of digital tools to evaluate BIM models and perform design review 

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Learn digital tools solutions to evaluate BIM models and carry out design review, enhancing collaboration and efficiencies 

This training is part of a set related to build up essential digital skills for AEC workers. Learners can take it as a standalone, however it’s also part of a wider pathway for completion of a training plan called Digital Skills, and essential training related to BIM collaboration and Information Exchange.

This micro training unit will enable the learner to develop a fundamental understanding of the use of digital skills for construction, both for role on site, such as site managers, as well as roles in design teams, required for working in a Digital Construction context.

Training focus on some practical demonstrations of possible digital tools solutions to help AEC professional to evaluate BIM models and carry our design review to enhance collaboration and efficiencies.


  1. This training is advisable to be undertaken after completing the Digital Skills and collaboration I- access models
  2. BIMcert advises beginners to follow up with further training that encompasses the Digital Skills training plan
  3. This training in part of a pathway toward more complex and complete training journey and possible qualification. Please check details in additional information documentation